Real Estate

To reduce your real estate tax liability, TAG professionals perform a detailed analysis of real estate valuations to develop value estimates for the client portfolios using one or more of the applicable income, market or cost approaches, depending on the circumstances of each location and the type of property reviewed.

This valuation model is applied to the entire portfolio to generate value variances compared to the assessor’s value. This modeling identifies overvalued as well as undervalued real estate property and allows for a systematic, prioritized appeal attack on excessive real estate valuations. If our analyses indicate an overassessment, TAG professionals will proceed to fully develop your case and attempt to negotiate a more favorable value with the municipal assessing authorities. If our analysis indicates there is no savings, in most cases, our work is finished and there is no charge for our time and expense.

Each year hundreds of companies turn to TAG for the professional expertise that helps keep them current with the changes in property values and the substantial savings that can result. You can rest assured in knowing that TAG exercises sound judgment and sensitivity during all levels of negotiation to ensure that your company image and good public relations are not being jeopardized.